GIMP is the most popular
free graphic editor.

You can download GIMP for free – it is a flexible and easy to install software. The graphic editor is created for the millions of users and is used for drawing, graphic designing as well as the web design.

What are the GIMP advantages?

  • Convenience
  • Expandability
  • Flexibility
  • Simplicity
  • Ideology

GIMP is a free and opensource application for work with raster graphics that supports a variety of existing image formats .

Right after the download and installation, GIMP works with the masks, layers, filters and the blending mode. The program offers a huge variety of image editing and painting tools.

Owing to the convenient interface, it is easy to learn to work with it.

All the tools, filters and editor plug-ins are intuitively understandable. GIMP provides the possibility of the flexible editor adjustment for your convenience that takes a few minutes.

There are the possibilities for the easy expansion with the help of numerous plug-ins, expansions, brushes and gradient effects that have been created specially for GIMP.

This editor can work with the palettes, gradients, plug-ins and brushes. The brushes can be both bitmap and animated. GIMP is able to work with the Photoshop brushes that are in the great number.

The majority of the GIMP plug-ins are created by the ordinary programmers, but not the outstanding companies.

Due to the possibility to write the plug-ins in different programming languages, the huge number of the Gimp plug-ins has been created.

Everyone uses the graphic editor the way he likes. Some users edit the images, the other do painting; there are also those who create the advertising material. Each task needs its interface.

GIMP allows adjusting the interface for your need. It is possible to achieve high working efficiency by replacing the operator panel settings.

Moreover, it is possible to set any keyboard shortcuts. You can do it without the settings menu.

The editor works with the graphic tablets and the other input devices: the artists and illustrators should undoubtedly appreciate this function.

It costs nothing to download and install GIMP. This very software has been created for the millions of users. It is translated into numerous languages and this way simplifies the life of the ordinary users.

The world's best information designers work at the software interface. They have created the tools and filters with the convenient interface and informative and understandable boards.

It is well known that the general impression consists of the trifles that are more than enough here. For example, the "free select" tool skillfully combines two Photoshop tools.

GIMP is distributed with the open source code under the terms of GNU GPL License. It means that the software is free of charge. The united team of like-minded people, who work at the voluntary basis, provides the software designing.

According to the license conditions, each person can freely download GIMP, analyze the composition of the software source open code and check the open source vulnerability. Each user can complete the model or the software on his own.

The free access to the software means also that it is free of charge. The software can be copied and distributed without any restrictions. It can be used both in the educational institutions and any commercial organization as well.

A few more words about GIMP:

GIMP brushes possess the drawing dynamics; it means that all the drawing tools can change their rigidity, color and size depending on the brush pressing force and the motion speed.

Graphic tabletMoreover, the free GIMP graphic editor perfectly interacts with the graphic tablets.

The editor is supplied with the source software codes under the terms of GNU GPL License. This means that Gimp is absolutely free of charge and accessible for everyone.

The graphic editor is multilangual. Gimp defines the operating system language by the installation.

The software developers optimize the GIMP code for faster and more reliable functioning.

GEGL GIMP logoThe new intensely implemented GEGL rendering-engine has been worked out. GEGL is to solve many problems concerning the professional software implementation. Moreover, this rendering-engine will work much faster than the current one.

And, finally, the most important task for the developers is to give the free, reliable, qualitative and fast product that will fit for use.

Interface GIMP

Flexible adjustment of the drawing tools.
The brushes dynamics.

In contrast to the other editors, GIMP shows the
actual layer size. The motion of the image beyond the canvas limits
creates the additional convenience for the artists.

The desaturate option allows choosing
one of the proposed variants of the desaturation.

Marquee editing in GIMP

Marquee editing

After the creation of the elliptical and rectangular marquee, its parameters and sizes can be specified and changed.

You can edit the size of the selected area or to shade or round off the borders of the selected area.

Easy supplements creation

Easy addons creation

Many programmers are able to create the expansions. For the convenience, GIMP plug-ins can be written in several widespread programming languages.

This peculiarity explains the great number of the expansions.

Changeable keyboard shortcuts

Changeable keyboard shortcuts

The graphic editor allows changing of almost all keyboard shortcuts.

You can easily change the keyboard shortcuts with the activated function of the dynamic change of the keyboard combinations. You should only move the cursor to the menu item and press any keyboard combination for the chosen action.

GIMP portable

The editor portable version

GIMP has the integration that requires no installation; the software can also be launched from the flash drive. The portable and stationary versions have the same application possibilities.

Once you have installed GIMP, you can draw and edit the images wherever you want.


PSD and ABR formats support

The support of the brushes in their original Photoshop format gives great drawing options for the designers and the artists who work with the help of GIMP.

The editor also supports the PSD format that provides good integration for the other software.

Image editing gives great pleasure

Image editing gives great pleasure

GIMP contains the great number of supplements for the quality improvement, images stylization, convenient work with the pictures' composition and color. All the tools are intuitively understandable; this condition simplifies the work much.


Besides the possibility to download free GIMP, you will find a section with FAQs for the beginners, the best brushes, various frames and plug-ins on our website. Also you can learn about the possibilities of GIMP, see the gallery of works made in this graphics editor and download costumes, calendars and templates free.

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